Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Everything Black, Except my Coffee

Although I adore color, sometimes even I cannot resist going back to all black. I mean really, whats more chic than an all black ensemble? Its simple, yet unique and eye catching. Everyone knows black is the most flattering color that you can wear! I cannot deny my love for it; my spectrum of favorite styles ranges far beyond any sort of box to fit it into. 

Here I was drinking my afternoon coffee, seeping in the inspiration from my boyfriends new place. It really is such an inspiring space! While sitting with my coffee, I obviously had to have my iPhone, clutch and sunnies near by. Even though the winter gives my town darker skies, we still have an abundance of days filled with sun to ward off! Sun is even brighter, I would say, when it is reflecting off of the fresh snow.

As for my other outfit details, my hat is from Forever 21. I got it quite a few years ago! A floppy black hat can add so much sass and confidence to an outfit! My pants are from H&M  and my shoes are one of my favorite pairs and I found them thrifting; they are actually DolceVita! My socks are DIY from an old pair of hose and my t-shirt is DIY as well; I just cut it up a bit!

This coat is vintage leather and was my mothers. This was my first time wearing it! I adore the gothic cross on the back and the little silver details have tribal engravings on them. My blazer I picked up thrifting a few years ago, another wardrobe staple!

The accessories I am wearing are, as usual, from a lot of random places. The standout piece for me here is my little dainty silver watch. It is a family heirloom and it means the world to me! I know my mother got it from her grandmother, and I am not sure of the rest of its history. I love having pieces with so much substance to them, it makes me feel even more complete in what I am wearing. 


XOXO- Ravyn Alyx

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Colder Weather, Cropped Sweaters

Long time, no blog! It seems I am still learning how to get a handle on this whole dedicated blogging deal. It really is a lot of work and time, but I believe it to be 100% worth it! Which is why I will continue to document my daily personal style, via this blog, and take it as serious as possible! Well, as serious as necessary while still having fun! Even if there is a little bit of time in between posts for now. I will not give up on this blog, as it is such an amazing source in expressing myself and my very own point of view. I also will not quit in hopes of bringing style inspiration to each of my readers and providing a fresh outlook for daily outfits!

I am ready for the cold in this look. I have been feeling extra inspired recently and have been playing around with Polyvore more than usual! For those of you who do not know what Polvore is, it's a rather nifty website that allows you to create your own outfit layouts with photos of pretty much any item you can conjure up! I find it super motivating style wise and almost dream like in a sense, as the designer options are endless! You can create your own account if you want, or just check out what I have been coming up with on my own Polyvore Profile!


As for my outfit details, everything I am wearing here are items I have had for quite some time. I love throwing on a beanie to add that extra oomph and a pop of color. This red striped one is old from Forever21 a few years back. You can check out their similar beanies HERE. If you are addicted to fashion blogs like I am, this is definitely not the first time you have seen one styled. The beanie craze has been very on trend for the past few years! I do love the casual vibe it can add to a fancy outfit, or like I said, to add a pop of color! It's a very versatile trend that you can play around with.

I opted for mostly gold accessories in this look. My choker necklace and leaf earrings I found at a flea market this year. The rest of of my bracelets & rings are from thrifting & other random places. My chunky gray cropped sweater I found last year at TjMaxx. Its very warm indeed! TjMaxx is awesome for finding deals on tons of designer clothes, and they are usually on point trend wise! One of my favorite places to shop while saving, which is always on my mind, for sure.

I have had this bag seriously forever. I cant even remember where I bought it! Some store inside of my local mall, but I just love the classic navy blue stripes and the over-sized style of it. Its been awhile since I have wanted to carry a bag this size, but I was in the mood for it this night! I have been loving the smaller bags lately, but its nice to change it up every so often. I adore variety! My booties are from the amazing shoe store Aldo. They were a Christmas present from my mother years ago, so they are very dear to me! I love their simple gray color with the suede & chic ruching details.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving, mine was fun and full of foods! I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit over here, but life's angst has been making it tedious for me this year! I hope to get my Christmas decor out this weekend, make a meal and invite my family over to decorate! This will be my 2nd and last Christmas in my current place, so it will be bittersweet. Lots of plans in the works for the upcoming months and I cannot wait to see what 2014 holds for me!

XOXO - Ravyn Alyx

Monday, November 18, 2013

Inspiration Abound

I've decided to do a little post on here of my favorite Tumblr re-blogs and posts from the past month. So much inspiration! I wanted to share with you all a bit of what goes on, on my Tumblr, as well as what inspires me daily. See even more inspiration over on my Tumblr! My Tumblr is: THELITTLEHERO

I do not claim the rights to any of the photos from this post. All photos were gathered from my Tumblr and found on their site.