Monday, September 30, 2013

VividPrism Launch!

I love finding accessories anywhere and everywhere. I adore mixing and matching pieces! Whenever rummaging through thrift stores or flea markets, I find myself gravitating to the most unique or classy pieces of jewelry. I would say my style is very hard to sum up into one description. I mix vintage, and thrifted pieces in, usually adding a nod to current trends; while always trying to remain true to my personal tastes. I also try to stay away from hitting TOO point on to societies current top trends. Sometimes, I will be scrolling through blogs and want to yawn because of how many girls are out there wearing the EXACT same things! 

The bag is leather and thrifted from years ago. It is definitely one of my favorite go-to bags. I personalized it with the studs a few years back and I think they add a nice edge to such a simple bag. I love the gray color as well!

The jacket is a brown denim dream in my opinion! Very unique. It is vintage Liz Claiborne from the 80s. I found it years ago at a local thrift store near my hometown. This is literally just one of a handful of times I have worn it. I go in and out of phases of wearing certain items in my closet. I knew I wanted to wear this jacket, and so I built this outfit around the piece! This is one of the few processes I use when selecting and styling what I will be wearing for the day.

My fitted maxi skirt is thrifted as well as my red skinny belt. Literally in LOVE with adding random pops of color into my outfits.

My black wedge ankle booties I found on SALE at Target. The socks and top are Forever 21. My hat is from H&M and is my favorite accessory to date! There is nothing, in my opinion, that adds more sass and mystery to an outfit than the perfect hat.

The BIGGEST thanks to this handsome fella. I am lucky enough to have him as my "unofficial photographer" until I get my blogs feet all the way off of the ground! He is also a pretty awesome boyfriend :-)

I seriously want to thank each person whom I am lucky enough to have check out my new blog! This is just the beginning of my venture into the personal style and fashion blogging world. I simply cannot wait to see what the future holds! Stay tuned for weekly posts and be sure to check out and follow my Tumblr for daily style inspiration! You can keep up with me on my daily vibes as well, by following my Insta: @ravynalyx!

XOXO - Ravyn Alyx

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  1. Cute outfit! I like the hat and socks a lot :) I'm a sucker for printed socks.