Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finding Flea Market Treasures

A couple weekends ago, I traveled north a bit of my hometown to visit a HUGE Flea Market known as Traders World! Rummaging and digging through second hand items is easily one of my favorite past times. I adore trying to find that one gem that sticks out to me among the rest.

I layered this lovely red blazer from H&M over my outfit. I got it a few years back and it is quite an amazing piece. You seriously cannot go wrong with having a few basic blazers for layering in your wardrobe. In my opinion, its ideal to have maybe two basic colored ones (like black and white) and then one that can add a pop of color, like this bright red one!

My black and white printed crop top is vintage from the 80's and it used to be my mothers. I fall in love with it again every time I put it on. I imagine her wearing it out and about in her younger days and making tons of memories in it. It is very sentimental to me and I found it while going through some of her things earlier this year. You probably can't tell, but I am actually wearing it backwards here! This is a top I love wearing backwards and forwards. Obviously, doing this will not work with every top; so it was exciting  for me to find something so versatile and meaningful to me at the same time.

My flowy printed maxi skirt I found while thrifting a few years back at my local Goodwill. It literally has such an abundance of colors in it that I have found endless ways to pair it with different pieces! Mixing prints is a HUGE trend right now in society, so I loved touching on that trend with this outfit. 

As for my accessories, I always find myself stacking on bracelets. I mix pieces in and out and love bringing out the subtle pops of color in my clothes through my jewelry. Two of my rings here are family air looms. Gorgeous, right? The ring on my middle finger was my great grandmothers engagement ring. My mom would wear this ring everyday and when she passed, it became mine. It reminds me of her every time I look down at it. It is one of my all time favorite and most prized pieces of jewelry. The gold ring on my right index finger was a graduation gift from my dad years ago, and I ADORE its simplicity and the fact that it reminds me of him.

The fringe necklace I am wearing was also my mothers. It is a great layering necklace as well as a statement making piece. It is actually pretty point on to our societies current jewelry trends. I love the native feel to it and the statement it makes.

Lastly, I have been OBSESSED with working extreme casual pieces into my not so full on casual outfits. Yet another trend that is hot right now, and this is my take on it. Chuck Taylors are such a classic shoe and these all black low top ones are one of my favorite pairs lately. The denim purse was a gift from my grandma years ago and I have just recently started actually wearing it out. A random pop of denim is like a random pop of color to me. Out of all of the textures and prints in my outfit, adding this pop of denim balances it all out perfectly, in my opinion.

XOXO- Ravyn Alyx

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