Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plaid Darling

We shot these this past weekend while hanging out. The temperature here is finally cooling down A LOT, so I did not hesitate to layer some tights under my shorts already. I have been waiting to wear this blazer again since last winter. It was also my mothers! I love how over-sized it is and the statement it makes. Definitely bold! 

The blue t-shirt is thrifted and I have had it since high school. This past year I decided to cut it up into a crop top! I adore revamping old pieces of mine to style in new ways. It really is up to you how versatile you want your wardrobe to be! I literally have had so many pieces of clothing forever, while just mixing and matching everything a new way each time. This way, it barely looks like I am wearing the same thing twice! But, I must admit, since starting this blog I am really itching for some new things to style! Being a 20 something woman out on my own, it is not easy when I want to shop instead of pay bills! But, I must do what I have to do, so I mostly make do with what I already have.

My accessories are seriously from so many random places over the years. I have had this yellow bracelet since high school as well. The other two I got this year and the ring is from Forever 21. 

These shorts are from Forever21 as well, and can go with so many things. I am obsessed with transitioning all of my summer pieces into my fall wardrobe. Who says you have to keep shorts or crop tops to one season? Layering and experimenting with outfit combinations is seriously a huge factor in discovering your own personal style! I know that is one of the ways I started finding my own style.

These booties you have already seen, again I found them at Target on sale. I seriously don't know how you can go wrong with basic black wedge booties, they are a classic love! My DIY studded, thrifted bag will be making many more appearances on here as well, I am sure. Same for my hat, what an awesome find! Again, its from H&M. I am dying to add some new and more interesting hats into my wardrobe, and soon!

XOXO- Ravyn Alyx

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  1. Oooh, I really like this look. Casual, comfy, even a little bit of a grunge vibe--but still chic. I totally feel you on wanting to shop more because of fashion blogging. Thrift shops! I've almost resorted to getting free bags of clothes from randos on Craigslist. *Almost*.