Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Preppy Western Quirkiness

A lot of the time before even putting on my outfit, I will layout a number of things that I am thinking of wearing with it. Accessories are usually a thing I am on the fence about up until I try everything on and actually see how I look. As you can see, at first I laid out my gray heeled booties, a pair of sunnies, and few different belts to go with this. I ended up opting for a different pair of shoes and going with the black, western-style belt. It also got too dark outside for wearing my sunnies! I ended up shooting this just as the sun was going down. Oh, procrastination....

So...I am giving pink curls a whirl! Do you guys like my new hair so far? I am waiting for my darker top part of hair to lighten up, then I am hoping to make it more of an orange-blonde into pink color. I will admit that this color is growing on me though! 

I was super stoked to add my fur collar onto my denim jacket for the first time this season. The fur is faux, and I just love the warmth it adds to my look! Cannot wait to try adding it to my other jackets and coats very soon as well. It's easily transferred to different collars with the use of safety-pins! I am also in love with the whole denim-on-denim look. It's bold and quirky...just my taste! I love styles or trends that are different and make people give you a second look. Or, certain styles that test past "fashion faux pas". Such as: "if you wear denim with denim, you're wearing a Canadian tuxedo", "white cannot be worn past labor day", or my favorite..."You can't wear black and brown together...like OMFG!" These rules and restrictions drive me crazy...talk about limiting your outfit options! Open your minds and take a chance with the way you pair things. I cannot tell you how many people come up to me and say they have never thought of wearing something a certain way. I hope to bring each of my readers a fresh outlook on fashion! There are no rules, having style is not about playing by some sort of rulebook...it's making your own and having your own point of view! Fashion is expression, so have fun with it! :-)

I'm not really sure if this look falls into a specific style category. I have a little taste of proper with my top, a pretty peach thing that I found earlier this year at Forever 21. Then, my belt is vintage and has more of a western feel to it; it is one of my favorite accessories. My boots are also vintage and I found them years ago, a serious favorite and a go-to pair. I think they give off a little 80s/western vibe! The sparkly tights and cut-off shorts are also from Forever 21. I feel like the sparkles are very on trend with now, as well as my cut offs. But, I wanted to break up the glitter with my other edgy vintage pieces, including my bag. My bag here is vintage and my hat you have seen before, once again it's from H&M.

XOXO- Ravyn Alyx


  1. I love your pink hair and the glitzy tights and the collar on the peach blouse!!!