Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reunited & it feels so good...

Hello darlings! I am so very sorry about the lack of updates lately. It is really hard blogging without accessible wifi from my own place. So, I have been using other peoples interwebs as well as frequenting coffee shops & cafes more often! It also does not help that my laptop is literally about to bite the dust. Its from 2007, after all, and it will barely work! So, here I am now. Using my boyfriends wifi and computer, and just dying to update this thing.

I took these a few nights ago, opting for my favorite inside location since it has been below freezing everyday lately. I know I am only an echo with this statement...but I am ready for Spring and Summer! Bring on less layers and exposed skin... I am ready for it.

Details include a few items you have seen previously. My adorable cream maxi cardigan, my pants and top are all from Forever 21. The top I have had for years, and I decided to dust it off for the first time in awhile when I wore it here. The booties are Chinese Laundry and thrifted years ago. My accessories are from random places, flea markets & thrift stores. The fringe necklace was my mothers and is literally one of my favorite pieces to date.

Out of all of the trends that have swung back around lately, I have to say I adore high waisted ANYTHING the most! Its just very flattering in my eyes and I love the nod it gives to the traditional silhouette of a woman. Its very subtly sexy! My feels go the same for low cut tops and peeks of exposed undergarments. Just a little bit of spice to take you to that classy vamp level ;-) I have also been quite obsessed with having darker lips! I love mixing my regular shades with this deep brown shade I picked up not too long ago. I love the contrast it brings to my skin since I am so very pale. I believe the brand is CoverGirl, every girls go-to affordable brand, am I right!?

I am also getting pretty sick of this pink hair as of late, this dye is the slowest to ever wash out of my hair! I have a few ideas for my hair that you will probably be seeing on here very soon! Don't forget that you can always keep up with my daily vibes by checking out my Instagram or Tumblr. I am always on these social networks the most because they are easily accessible via my iPhone.

XOXO- Ravyn Alyx


  1. great look, fantastic hair!!
    have a lovely weekend ahead. cheers