Monday, March 10, 2014

An Old Room, a Fresh View

 Hello again loves, and welcome to my little sanctuary! In other words, my bedroom. After awhile of combing through my brain for ideas on what I wanted, I finally redecorated! I have been in this apartment for awhile now, and when I found out I was not going to be moving like I originally thought; I decided a change was still necessary!

  I basically just reorganized my room, added more decorations, and also rearranged my already displayed decor. It is now so much more welcoming and comfortable! I made a huge effort to be more organized, and although there are still a few bits and bobs to take care of, this new look has already made getting ready loads easier. I have made all of my jewelry dedicated to the top of my bookshelf and I kept my longer necklaces hanging up on an alternate wall. I moved my bed to be up against the wall and this allowed for a bit more space. I added pillows all along the wall next to my bed, which created an over-sized couch feel that I adore.


My dog Mogley still has his own little space for his toys and food, but I may do more with his area! He is seriously like my child, so I am thinking he needs a comfy bed as well---even though he usually ends up sleeping with me. 

One of my favorite new additions to my wall has to be my silver crescent moon mirror. It was my mothers and used to hang up in our old bathroom. I adore reminders like this that make me feel nostalgic and even more at home.


I utilized regular hangers to organize my belts as well as my eye wear collection. I totally got inspired by blogger Lua Perez of LeHappy to arrange my sunnies this way. She posted a photo a while back showing she did the same thing! If anyone has any other great organizing tips, let me know. I am dying to discover even more innovative ideas!


 For this lazy, bedroom hangs look, I wanted to keep it pretty casual. So casual in fact, that I opted to shoot without shoes!  I am wearing faux leather leggings from Forever 21(current legging options) & I got this pair years ago. My hat is also from Forever 21(current hat options) from a few years back and I have worn it in a previous post. The top and crochet vest are both thrift finds. The t-shirt I found a few years back and ended up cutting the neck out of it. The vest I received as a gift this year, I adore the fringe at the bottom! It is definitely a piece that I am loving a lot at the moment. In case you did not notice, my hair is way blonder here as well...yay! Right now my hair is pale pink mixed with blonde, but you will see more of that in another post. My accessories are from random places, and this is my first time wearing this choker. It's an actual dog collar; but I couldn't resist! Whatever works, right? Oh, and the sparkly bra I am wearing is beyond my most comfortable and also affordable, its from Urban Outfitters.


 I actually decided to wear eyeliner in this post as well, which I am loving. Nothing beats a classic cat-eye and a bold lip, am I right? As for the rest of my apartment, I am still hashing out the details as to what I want to do with it. So, expect even more updates regarding my apartments reorganization. I will also as always update daily on my Instagram and Tumblr. So be sure to head over there and check out what other things I have been up to; don't be shy, say hi if you would like!  I love checking out new blogs and instas to follow :-)

XOXO- Ravyn Alyx


  1. i love your room and your style!! such a cute post!!

    xx Frankie

  2. Super cool pics, they are very nice!!
    And your outfit it's cool too

  3. wow love your room...I also love your accessories esp the sunnies I'm a huge fan of shades...