Saturday, May 31, 2014

Porcelain Summer


The warmth has officially arrived! Simply love that I am able to rock bare legs right now and not freeze to death. I am so ready for summer, and I welcome the heat with open arms. I kept it pretty casual in this look. I wanted to show the type of style I sometimes put together, when I am not trying to appear all that fancy. I dusted off my pair of extra-short denim shorts, to have something under this huge t-shirt that I am rocking. I found these shorts at Forever21 last year. The Taz t-shirt is vintage and belonged to my mother. My quirky socks are a pink, floral print and are from H&M.


I decided to throw my DIY denim top over this t-shirt. I thrifted this top years ago, and have since customized it in a number of ways. I have worn it before in a post, but I wore it in an entirely different way. Tops like this are great to throw over outfits to give it that extra something, & you guys know how much I love layers. You also may have noticed my new ink! My new tattoo is of a Pegasus, and I got it for my father. He has a Pegasus tattooed on his arm that he got when my brother was born, and then he got it finished when I was born. I also adore the meaning associated with this mythical creature, and I could not be more pleased with it! And seriously, I cannot wait to add even more art to my canvas :-) Soon!

Hints of black.

For my accessories in this look, I went with one of my favorite pairs of shoes. My black dress shoes by Dolce Vita for Target. I got these years ago, and the quality does not disappoint. I love mixing them in with all kinds of looks, my style is such a paradox, I swear! I am also wearing my new favorite choker necklace from Dazey again! Cannot get enough :-) My bracelets and rings are all from various places. I decided to do something different and tie my hair up in a high bun, because I really need to start playing around with this mane of mine. I finally made an appointment to have my hair cut in a few weeks, eek! Wish me luck!

Blog changes...

As you probably have already noticed, I created and put up a new blog header! I figured it was about time for a fresh one. Expect a few other blog updates sprinkled in VERY soon as well. I am seriously trying to make even more effort to update this as often as I can. Gotta get on my game! SO happy that I already have another new post up so soon for you all!<3

XOXO - Ravyn Alyxandra

Friday, May 23, 2014

Every Season is Kimono Season

Be bold...

Aren't these colors magnificent? You already know I love every color in the rainbow, but seriously... The details and gorgeousness of my new American Gypsy Vintage kimono are out of this world! I literally feel like I am wearing a work of art whenever I throw it on. Of course, it is my new favorite clothing piece and makes me want to buy so many MORE! American Gypsy Vintage is a new vintage store founded by the utmost beautiful blogger babe, Nicole Alyse. If you have never heard of her, seriously stop what you are doing and just click on her name in my previous sentence. I stumbled upon Nicole Alyse years ago, back in the MySpace days, like so many others did. It may sound outlandish, but she was my fashion catalyst in so many ways that I can barely even begin to describe. Nicole simply exudes creative inspiration and is a living fashion queen in her own right. Not to mention one hell of a photographer. Bow down!


My outfit here is not too complex, but definitely a bit more risque for me. If there is one thing I cannot stress enough, it is that none of us are this young forever. I hate to sound cliche, but if you got it, flaunt it! Beauty comes from the inside, and none of us will ever be younger than we are at this very moment. I wont be able to dress like this forever. When your mind is confident, its easier to be bold! My turtle neck crop top and high-waist shorts are both from Forever 21. The shorts I found a few years ago and the top I bought this year. They are the two most versatile pieces, and can be paired with a million different things. 

Hair game...

So, my new locks are pretty bold! I am dying for a cut, but I must admit I am hesitating...I may have a bit of a mental attachment to my mane! However, no mental attachment what-so-ever to the color of it. How about this swirly, pink and orange deal? I wanted it to look like a painting, and it only took twice to get it the way I wanted it! I already need to touch it up, but I love watching the colors change as the dye washes out. I also threw on my adorable ZeroUV shades here. I wear them so much, they are the perfect statement sunnies. Their store has the cutest and most affordable trendy eye wear! I cannot wait to snag a few other pairs for myself.

Dazey jewels...

As far as the jewelry I wore in this look, my bracelets and rings are all from different places. My LOVELY "D" earrings however, were gifted by my girl Julia Weber from her line DAZEY. The same place I snatched up my velvet choker in my last post, and aren't they the cutest? I love the little daisy flower detail, daisies were also one of my mothers favorite flowers.

Stay beautiful dolls!

XOXO - Ravyn Alyx

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lacy Dazey

Girly lace, pretty prints and Dazey! 

I put together this look a few weeks ago to wear to work, and it significantly sums up a few things I love most in one outfit. It is both quirky and elegant; I also adore playing with prints and textures to create a truly unique look. My favorite part of this look is my gorgeous new accessory, my velvet crescent moon choker from Dazey Clothing! Dazey Clothing is the brainchild of one of my favorite blogger babes, Julia Weber! Check out her online store to grab up some incredible goodies for yourself. You can also peep her personal style blog VirginTerritory for amazing fashion inspiration!


It's all about the details...

Seriously dying over these details! I had to add a little sparkle to this outfit with my silver metallic belt from Forever 21. My lace crop top is from H&M and my skirt is vintage. I wanted to add some edge with the soft, so I threw on my black Aldo boots and black tights to even out my look.

Finding the light...

Taking photos in my room at this time of day was pure luck, how breathtaking is this lighting? I am a sucker for little details, like lighting, that can completely change the vibe of a photograph. My hair also has a bit more pink in it here, but its already different! I have darkened it up since, adding pink and orange to make it a bit more of a coral color. I took some great shots of it that you will see in my next post, I should have them up later this week!

XOXO - Ravyn Alyx