Saturday, May 31, 2014

Porcelain Summer


The warmth has officially arrived! Simply love that I am able to rock bare legs right now and not freeze to death. I am so ready for summer, and I welcome the heat with open arms. I kept it pretty casual in this look. I wanted to show the type of style I sometimes put together, when I am not trying to appear all that fancy. I dusted off my pair of extra-short denim shorts, to have something under this huge t-shirt that I am rocking. I found these shorts at Forever21 last year. The Taz t-shirt is vintage and belonged to my mother. My quirky socks are a pink, floral print and are from H&M.


I decided to throw my DIY denim top over this t-shirt. I thrifted this top years ago, and have since customized it in a number of ways. I have worn it before in a post, but I wore it in an entirely different way. Tops like this are great to throw over outfits to give it that extra something, & you guys know how much I love layers. You also may have noticed my new ink! My new tattoo is of a Pegasus, and I got it for my father. He has a Pegasus tattooed on his arm that he got when my brother was born, and then he got it finished when I was born. I also adore the meaning associated with this mythical creature, and I could not be more pleased with it! And seriously, I cannot wait to add even more art to my canvas :-) Soon!

Hints of black.

For my accessories in this look, I went with one of my favorite pairs of shoes. My black dress shoes by Dolce Vita for Target. I got these years ago, and the quality does not disappoint. I love mixing them in with all kinds of looks, my style is such a paradox, I swear! I am also wearing my new favorite choker necklace from Dazey again! Cannot get enough :-) My bracelets and rings are all from various places. I decided to do something different and tie my hair up in a high bun, because I really need to start playing around with this mane of mine. I finally made an appointment to have my hair cut in a few weeks, eek! Wish me luck!

Blog changes...

As you probably have already noticed, I created and put up a new blog header! I figured it was about time for a fresh one. Expect a few other blog updates sprinkled in VERY soon as well. I am seriously trying to make even more effort to update this as often as I can. Gotta get on my game! SO happy that I already have another new post up so soon for you all!<3

XOXO - Ravyn Alyxandra

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