Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Painted Sky

So long 2014...

Happy New Years all! I am back and finally have a new(ish) post. These are photos from my last trip to Florida in September. These babies were too good not to post, check out that sunset! Swoon. I am glad to be back and since this is a new year I have lots of plans to change it up this year (a new blog name, possiblyyy??). I hope to be posting LOTS more as well. I hope everyone had a great new year, I cannot believe it is already February! Spring is just around the corner and that makes me a happy girl! 

This is an exciting month because I am traveling yet again to Florida, for the last week of February! I will be staying on a little island off the coast of Sarasota, called Lido Key. I have a few lovely new bits to shoot down there that I have been waiting to wear, so stoked! Lots of new posts and especially some even better beach shots headed your way guys. 

XOXO - Ravyn

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